How is the trading platform arranged?

TATNEFT company and it’s contractors interested in purchasing products (or services) for construction in tenders on this website by collecting commercial offers.

Published tenders are available for viewing in accordance with access rights directly on the main page of the site. A complete list opens when one of the icons in the upper left corner have been clicked. For unregistered participants, tenders for the sale of balances are available, participants who have passed the registration additionally gain access to tenders for the supply of goods and materials.

What is needed to get started

Access to participation will be open after registration. Within 1 business day, the application for registration will be considered, after which you will be sent an email notification of the results of the consideration. Approved companies get the opportunity to participate in open bidding.

During the consideration of the application for registration, the participating companies shall indicate categories corresponding to the all-Russian classifier of types of economic activities as categories of interest for bidding. To add categories of interesting tenders, it is necessary to make an appropriate request in the company profile.

How much does it cost

Access to bidding is provided free of charge.

Where to go for details

Contact numbers:

For answers about the role of the organizer or participation of companies in the procurement of contracting organizations - 8 (8555) 240-552

The Questions and Answers section for receiving appeals to customers and the bidding operator was also opened, as well as a Hotline for issues related to the operation of the site.

Holding a tender

Procurement Rules

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To the procurement organizer

Organizer instruction

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Registration order

Registration Instructions

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Bidder Instructions

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Sample IP Access Application