Technical issues

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ATTENTION! The staff servicing the site is not available to make changes to the proposals of bidders.

Organizational matters

For issues about:
- the role of bidder contractor,
- participation of companies in the procurement of contracting organizations,
- approving new company registrations,
- tenders.
contact: Sergeeva Olga Ivanovna
Contact number.: 8 (8555) 240-566

Also on the site is open the Questions and answers section for receiving appeals to customers and the bidding operator.

Dear participants and organizers of tenders!

Due to the technical limitations of the tender portal, we recommend you to check in advance the possibility of placing files on the portal using your browser. Post files containing technical specifications, offers, etc., immediately as they are prepared.
Keep in mind that downloading files takes time, which depends on the total load on the corporate network of TATNEFT Company.

To speed up the process, use:
- minimum size files
- latest browser updates

We recommend using browsers Chrome …

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