How the bidding portal works

TATNEFT and its major contractors interested in procuring products or services create auctions on our website in order to gather commercial proposals. The end date of the proposal submission period is predefined by the auction organizer and can only be changed by the organizer.

Bidders present their products and services and gradually reduce the price. This type of bidding is called a reverse auction. After a bid is placed, it has to be substantiated by a commercial proposal. After an auction is finished, the winner must send a complete commercial proposal on an official letterhead to the auction organizer. Traditional auctions are also held at the bidding portal.

Published auctions can be viewed directly on the main page based on your access rights. Full list of auctions can be displayed by using one of the icons in the upper right corner of the screen. Unregistered users can access traditional auctions while registered users can also take part in reverse auctions.

How to start

To start placing bids you need to complete the registration process. We recommend completing the extended registration which will allow you to take part in open reverse auctions. In order to take part in closed reverse auctions you will also need to obtain accreditation for one or several auction types.

How much does it cost

Access to the bidding platform is provided free of charge

Who to contact

Please call +7 85-53 30-74-77 or 30-72-15 with any questions about the bidding process.

Also on site is open section FAQ for receiving appeals to customers and operators of trading.

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