2 июля
The new “Industrialny” Square is part of the Company s “Tales of Golden Apples” public art program.The social project has been implemented by TATNEFT jointly with the Street Art Research Institute St. Petersburg .The uniqueness of the IndustrialnySquare lies in the fact that it has been erected at the territory of the existing boiler house Beloglazova St., 62 . The idea of ​​the project allows giving a new meaning to the role of industry in the ecosystem of the city and proving that industrial enterprises and nature can exist in harmony.Like all public art objects of the TATNEFT program, the Industrialny Square is closely connected with the history and culture of the oil region, which is reflected in numerous stylistic decisions. The area of ​​8,000 m2 is a large-scale total installation, including art objects, the “Theory of the Oil Origin” mural, the “Solar Torch” media object, the “Nokta” laser installation, a botanical component and a skate park.The concept of a well-landscaped city square with a skate park, recreational areas and art objects has been developed based on research and surveys of residents, taking into account the wishes of the enterprising local a community of riders, experts in architecture, landscape design, public arts and skate park construction engineers.Rustam Mukhamadeev, Deputy General Director of PJSC TATNEFT for Social Development:TATNEFT seeks to create comfortable conditions in the oil region for a full-fledged, active creative life of people. We build kindergartens, schools, medical facilities; invest in the development of education, medicine, culture and sports. The creation of public spaces is one of the many areas of our activity. I am sure that our Industrialny Square will become a new attraction place for people!”
29 июня
The name of the gas condensate field is Fersmanskoye.
1 июля
A grant has been allotted for the implementation of the Advanced Engineering School (AES) based on the contest results of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.