5 июля
The oilmen will choose the best springs.The competitive evaluation of the springs equipped by TATNEFT Group enterprises comprises various criteria, including the grounds landscaping; availability of access roads and footpaths, as well as garbage containers; convenience when taking water; chloride concentrations, etc. Water quality will be inspected in a chemical analytical laboratory.The contestants are divided into three groups. The first one includes the oil and gas production divisions of Tatneft-Dobycha Tatneft-Upstream ; in the second - other structural divisions and service enterprises; while the third one includes all other controlled entities of the TATNEFT Group.The springs’ review contest is an annual competition and the holding thereof is arranged for the 28th time. TATNEFT relies on the worldview of creating a sustainable future in the Company’s values ​​and the development philosophy. The springs are a kind of an indicator of the oilmen’s activity. Purposeful geological and technical measures carried out in the areas of the TATNEFT Group enterprises activity contribute to the prevention of pollution of water sources.The results of the contest will be announced in November this year.
1 июля
A grant has been allotted for the implementation of the Advanced Engineering School (AES) based on the contest results of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
2 июля
The new “Industrialny” Square is part of the Company's “Tales of Golden Apples” public art program.