26 октября
Reports were published with reference to the corporate newspaper, that a new enterprise, OOO TN-Transport, was added to the TATNEFT Group s composition, a construction waste processing system was established at the TANECO Complex, and TATNEFT was opening a School of Hospitality in Almetyevsk.

The Federal and republican media drew attention to the newspaper s publications that TATNEFT and KFU launched a joint project to digitize ancient manuscripts about the East and the Muslim peoples of Russia; that the Company intends to transform the buildings of Almetyevsk, which are not fully operational, into public centers within walking distance the buildings of the Youth Center, the Iske Ulmut recreation center, the former Tatarstan cinema and the Gorky club buildings are awaiting renovations .

The information about the sponsorship of the Company to blogger Ruslan Nabiyev, who climbed the Elbrus using his hands only, was reprinted. The press did not ignore the eco-merging of top managers on handling the Stepnoye Zay issue, as well as the acquisition of two new modern safe pressure chambers by oilmen for the Medical Unit, and much more.

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Neftyanye Vesti has been published since August 1949 until 1993 under the name Netyanic Tatarii and Netyanic Tatarstana until 2005 . Over 100 people who live not only in the south-eastern part of Tatarstan, but also in Kazan, Moscow, Samara and other cities of Russia are the authors of the publications.
26 октября
A delegation of OJSC Kyrgyzneftegaz visited the production and social facilities of TATNEFT on October 19-22, 2021.
28 октября
The Company joined the Energotekhnohab Petersburg project and signed a partnership agreement in the area of technologies and engineering Developments for the energy sector.