30 сентября
The results of executing the Company s budget for eight months of 2021 were considered at the meeting and the budget for October and the fourth quarter of the current year was approved.

The meeting participants got acquainted with the progress of executing the projects of the oil/and gas and petrochemical complex of TATNEFT. Currently, the development strategy for this business area is at the stage of updating, and it integrates a new project of the Company for the production of butadiene rubbers in Kazakhstan and the recently acquired EcoPet asset. PJSC TATNEFT pays great attention to green projects within the framework of updating the strategy.

The Board of Directors considered issues of developing the production of composite materials and agreed on the further development strategy for this business line, which provides for an increase in production and sales of products, performance improvement, and the introduction of new products onto the market. One of the main drivers for the development of this business area today are the trends associated with the need of reducing the carbon footprint. TATNEFT s use of fiberglass pipes and pultruded profiles made of composite materials allows reducing the Company s greenhouse gas emissions.

The information was presented at the meeting on the transparency level of the corporate management system at TATNEFT and the consideration of ESG factors for the sustainable development of the Company. TATNEFT updates its internal documents aimed at the advance in promoting the development of corporate standards.

The Board of Directors also reviewed the report on the Company s work in the area of ​​the insider information protection.
28 октября
The Company joined the Energotekhnohab Petersburg project and signed a partnership agreement in the area of technologies and engineering Developments for the energy sector.
2 ноября
Crude Oil Production Enterprises of the TATNEFT Group of Companies produced 2,438.3 thousand tonnes of crude oil in October with the production volume from the beginning of the year amounting to 23,031.4 thousand tonnes, which was 1,305.5 thousand tonnes more than during the same period in 2020.