21 октября
The development of a new line of tyres for ATVs or other four-wheelers has been carried out by the Kama Scientific and Technical Center. The latest digital technologies have been applied, as well as benchmarking from the market leaders, in the process of working on KAMA Quadro ATM.

The tread pattern of the tyre has been specifically designed for off-road driving and provides excellent cross-country ability in mud and snow, as well as the ease of using in the field conditions. The design and special composition of the rubber compound guarantee high reliability, and the increased level of self-cleaning of the tyre has a positive effect on traction performance.

A virtual analogue of the tyre has been used during the design process. Before the prototype tyre has been made, its digital twin had passed numerous computer simulation tests.

Before going into serial production, the prototype must complete a program of bench and road tests for reliability. The first batch of tyres will go for pilot testing to TATNEFT subdivisions that operate off-road special vehicles.

There are currently nine tyre sizes in development for the KAMA Quadro ATM range with diameters ranging from 12 to 14 inches, with nine more to complete the range over the next year.

The plans provide that the end of 2021 will witness the production start of two standard sizes of tyres. Since ATVs use two tyre sizes at the same time, the factory will begin to production of a 25x10 tyre for the rear axle in addition to the already manufacture KAMA Quadro ATM 25x8 intended for the front axle.

The company plans producing over 30 thousand tyres per year. The tyres will meet the needs of the TATNEFT Group for all-terrain vehicles used in oil fields, and will also be used to equip Russian ATV manufacturers and the secondary market.
15 октября
The Company has launched the implementation of exploration projects in Libya.
19 октября
The team of the Company s environmentalists participated in interactive sessions aimed at the creation of youth projects for the development of the fuel and energy complex: #ENERGYLAB took second place, while the young technical specialization professionals ranked third.