6 октября
A cross-functional team of geophysicists, petrophysicists, hydrodynamic experts, developers and drilling planners Farid Khazipov, Kirill Shumatbayev, Rinat Shaydullin, Vladimir Kalinnikov, Ilshat Shakirov, Timur Petrov, Rishat Nurkayev won the online intelligent analytical and analysis simulator design of the oil and gas fields development arranged by the Nafta College company, having presented a new digital Alpha 7 field at the championship. The championship was attended by 8 teams from oil companies and universities of the country.

The teams lived down 5 years of field development within three days. And they had at their disposal annual budgets of equal size, arrays of information about the field, including petrophysical and geophysical materials, data on hydrodynamic and geophysical studies, seismic surveys, development maps, etc. The proposed interpretation of the primary information was provided with errors, for the search of which the participants had to reinterpret primary information.
Based on the available data and additionally performed studies well testing, production logging , a field development system was built, including management of the well stock operation modes, planning geological and technological activities repair and isolation works, perforation works, bottom hole treatment, hydraulic fracturing , drilling, etc. ... The professional work of the TATNEFT team made it possible to build the most efficient field development system among the participating teams.
4 октября
Crude Oil Production Enterprises of the TATNEFT Group of Companies produced 2,359.8 thousand tonnes of crude oil in September with the production volume from the beginning of the year amounting to 20,593.1 thousand tonnes, which was 1,046.6 thousand tonnes more than during the same period in 2020.
5 октября
The Company shall demonstrate its massive capabilities and competencies at the XXVIIth International Industry Exhibition in Nursultan (Kazakhstan).