8 апреля
The document has been developed by Tatneft-Presscomposite part of the TATNEFT Group jointly with JSC VNIIST.

In the course of public discussion and agreement with oil companies of the Russian Federation and leading design institutes, the Standard has been finalized, and then considered and approved at a meeting of the working group on technical regulation of the activities of the oil and gas companies of the Russian Ministry of Energy and the specialized subcommittee.

Approved by GOST R Field pipelines made of fiberglass pipes. Design and Operational Rules eliminates the omissions in the existing regulatory framework for the construction of fiberglass field pipelines. The introduction of GOST R into operation will allow the application of fiberglass pipes, which have significant technical and economic advantages, at the crude oil production facilities.

The establishment of the right to early application of this standard from the date of its publication will allow applying the GOST in the design practice within the shortest possible time starting from the second half of spring 2021.
5 апреля
The factory will produce 3 million passenger car tyres and 500,000 solid steel cord tyres.
5 апреля
TATNEFT signed in Kazakhstan the Basic Terms of Cooperation of Agreement on the Butadiene Project and the Agreement of Intent on the Implementation of the Road Bitumen Production Project.