16 сентября
Nail Maganov, General Director of PJSC TATNEFT, and his deputies Azat Yagafarov and Rustam Mukhamadeyev, representatives of republican ministries, heads of municipal districts of the oil region of Tatarstan, and representatives of the public took part in the meeting of the Council in Almetyevsk.

The Company presented to municipalities a new approach to the distribution of social investments aimed at supporting socially significant projects - a grant program in four priority areas: Education, Healthcare, Territorial Development, and Culture.

The administration authorities of the regions where the Company operates may submit their projects for consideration by the Grant Committee. The total budget for the calendar year competition is RUB 1.5 billion.

The applications acceptance starts on September 20 and will last 30 days. One of the main evaluation criteria, when choosing projects, will be the availability of co-financing: public or private.

Nail Maganov, General Director of TATNEFT:

- Our contributions are not just charity, but rather social investments. The final result and real return are important, so that people on our land feel the effect of their common work. Therefore, the recipients of grants will have to present the result of the funds distribution, and we will primarily support projects with co-financing.

Our Company has proved more than once that it supports the territories of the Company s presence, and we will continue doing this. The RUB 1.5 billion grant investments announced today are not the total amount of our social investments, but only those intended for four highlighted areas. There are protected budget items and ongoing programs that we are not going to reject them.

Azat Yagafarov, Deputy General Director of TATNEFT:

- The Company intends to further develop the principle of public participation in its social activities. It is important for us to discuss problems with people, as well as jointly find ways to solve them. This Public Council is the result of the Company s great effort over the past year, we have held similar Council sessions in Leninogorsk and Aznakayevo and we understand the needs of our fellow citizens. It is important for us to discuss problems with people and jointly find the ways of solving them.

The Public Council sessions of TATNEFT are a traditional form of interaction with the population, created to enhance the efficiency of the Company s social investments in the regions of its presence in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
5 сентября
ZENIT Bank is implementing the School UPGRADE project in Almetyevsk with the support of TATNEFT.
10 сентября
The Company together with the Institute of History named after Sh. Mardzhani of the Academy of Science of Tatarstan and the Kazan Federal University will be involved on the first stage of a large-scale project of digitizing and cataloging materials from the Eastern Sector of the Scientific Library of the KFU named after Lobachevsky.