26 августа
The industrial park will be located at 62 Beloglazova Street at the territory of the existing boiler facility. Construction work has already been started, heavy machinery is working, builders are leveling the base of the site and making the layout for future objects d art.

The project is part of the Company s public art program Tales of Golden Apples . The area redevelopment has begun with large-scale murals on the tanks and walls of the existing boiler house. Then a laser installation Nokta and the Solar Torch object d art with an observation deck have sprung out.

The fence at the APTS has been demolished and the territory in front of the building has been vacated for the implementation of the new object accounting for 8000 m2 of white sheet for the implementation of the artistic and socially significant project.

The concept of a landscaped city square with a skate park, recreational facilities and the objects d art includes modern solutions to urban problems. The project has been developed on the basis of research and surveys of the region s residents and is a joint effort of the initiative local riders community, experts in architecture, landscape design, public art and construction engineers of skate parks. The development of the spot for skate and BMX riders is performed by Fk Ramps, which is a leader of the extreme park construction industry in Russia.

The landscape compositions of wild plants brought from anthropological and botanical expeditions will create an atmosphere in the park that, in addition to aesthetics, will also carry an intensive semantic load.

The construction will continue until spring 2022. The project envisages excursions around the territory, performances, open presentations and other events.

Azat Yagafarov, Deputy General Director of PJSC TATNEFT:
The Company creates new comfortable conditions for work and rest for the oil region s residents. This aspect is in the priority of the TATNEFT s activities. The territory of the industrial park will become not only an entertainment facility. This project will revitalize the industrial space, create a cozy city square and become another place of attraction for the townspeople.

The revitalization of industrial areas is a trend of today and it ss a very relevant area of ​​improvement. We use to meet with young people, and they expressed a desire to revive this territory in this way .

Polina Yozh, Project Officer-in-Charge, Head of the Tales of Golden Apples Program, Founder of the Institute for Street Art Research:
This place is imbued with industrial aesthetics and the of the underground, therefore the emergence of a skate park here as a part of the street culture, is natural. The architecture becomes more of a philosophical language here, a reflection exercise on the role of post-industrial spaces in human life and a return to nature of what has been conquered from it by asphalt and concrete. We return to natural biocoenosis .
19 августа
Irek Fayzullin held a working meeting with Nail Maganov, General Director of TATNEFT, during which issues of regulatory and legal interaction in the field of constructing industrial and social facilities were discussed, as well as the application of composite materials in the construction and housing and communal utility sector.
23 августа
The Company organized a regular public council session on education and health care of the region in Aznakayevo.