27 сентября
The guests examined the museum collections of the University and new laboratories opened in the past academic year. In particular, the TATNEFT delegation was presented with a training and simulator complex for oil and gas production on the shelf and a center for three-dimensional visualization of oil and gas production facilities.

Nail Maganov said The Gorny assumed University name infrastructure is amazing. Moreover, it applies both to the historical part of the University and the modern buildings where research works are carried out and the students study. The museum stores, without exaggeration, unique exhibits, including models and dummies of mining equipment, some of which were created in the 18th century. The instrumental and laboratory facilities are also impressive, it is obvious that all the necessary conditions have been created here for conducting high-quality scientific research.

The prospects for creating a regional scientific center in Almetyevsk with the participation of TATNEFT and the Almetyevsk State Petroleum Institute were discussed at the meeting with Vladimir Litvinenko, Rector of the Mining University. The tasks faced by the center will include the development and implementation of innovations in domestic mining and processing industries that will improve the efficiency of enterprises operations, as well as reducing the anthropogenic impact on ecosystems. This project is being implemented within the framework of the International Competence Center in Mining Engineering Education under the auspices of UNESCO established on the basis of the St. Petersburg Mining University.

The parties agreed to determine the main areas and conditions for the operation of the future Center by the end of the year.
23 сентября
The Company s digital developments include a unique software package for geo-mechanical modeling and a system for automatic losses search in the production activities.
24 сентября
The installation of the first concrete column at the construction site in Saran marked a new phase in the construction.