28 октября
The document was signed by Alexander Beglov, Governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Dyukov, CEO of Gazprom Neft, Vladimir Pastukhov, CEO of the Agency for Technological Development, Andrey Patrushev, CEO of the Arctic Initiatives Center, Elena Bunina CEO of OOO Yandex, and Nail Maganov, General Director of PJSC TATNEFT.

The project involves energy companies, research institutes, engineering centers, digital services, venture funds planning to jointly develop complex industrial technological and innovative solutions with the export potential.

Inter alia, the areas of development that are topical for TATNEFT include: increasing the energy efficiency of the equipment; technologies that reduce the carbon footprint, renewable energy sources, etc.

The infrastructure of Energotekhnokhab includes tools for supporting and implementing technological projects in the energy sector from the concept to implementation. The signed agreement will provide project participants with an access to a system of test sites with the ability to test new technologies and equipment prototypes.

The residents of Energotekhnokhab Petersburg work on the projects for the development of green technologies, creating industrial automation systems, robots, drones and other technological solutions for the energy sector. Currently, more than 250 residents from 25 regions of Russia, as well as from Belgium and Austria joined the project already.

The Government of St. Petersburg plans to develop a program of additional benefits for business and subsidizing the costs of relocating scientific and engineering personnel.

Nail Maganov, General Director of TATNEFT:
Today, the industry faces challenges, which solution lies at the intersection of many scientific areas. Communication establishment between science and industry are required at sites such as Energotekhnohab Petersburg for their successful solution.

We need technological solutions with high export potential, innovations in energy storage, automation, and carbon footprint reduction. This will stimulate the growth of the domestic economy and strengthen the Russia s position in the international arena.

I am confident that we will form the image of the energy industry of the future and will bring it to life through the joint efforts of leading energy and engineering companies, the scientific community and talented youth.

In turn, TATNEFT is ready to act as an industry expert setting the tasks. I am ready to offer the Company s proving grounds for pilot implementation of innovations.

Alexander Dyukov, Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft:
Energotekhnokhab has already united more than 300 residents for two years of operation., design bureaus, universities, industrial enterprises and startups, including foreign ones, effectively interact at the sites of the establishment. Today, TATNEFT has become a partner of Energotekhnohab. Thanks to the active cooperation of residents and partners, Energotekhnokhab has already created new domestic developments for the Russian energy sector: from a robotic drilling rig to a dispersant for oil spill response in ice conditions.

Energotekhnohab will continue development of the infrastructure for innovation, including the creation of a network of test sites at the universities and industrial enterprises. We also rely heavily on student entrepreneurship and start-up support. Therefore, it has been decided to further expand cooperation with St. Petersburg universities, as well as introduce an accelerator for projects in the field of alternative energy.
26 октября
"Neftyanye Vesti", the Company s newspaper, ranked No. 1 in the rating of the most cited media resources of the Russian fuel and energy complex in the third quarter of 2021.
26 октября
A delegation of OJSC Kyrgyzneftegaz visited the production and social facilities of TATNEFT on October 19-22, 2021.