20 january
The projects implemented on the territory of PJSC TATNEFT s Republic of Tatarstan production activity are accepted for participation in the competition.

The competition is open to both individuals, who are of the legal age of majority, and non-profit non-governmental organizations that carry out activities that correspond to the areas of the competition subjects.

The competition is held in 8 categories: protection of vulnerable segments of the population; family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood; healthy lifestyle and tourism; science, education and enlightenment; culture and art; preservation of historical heritage; environmental protection and animal protection; youth projects.

The applications shall be accepted on the website www.bf-TATNEFT.ru and will end at 17: 00 on March 5, 2021. The results of the competition will be announced in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

More information about the Competition Regulations is available on the following websites: www.bf-TATNEFT.ru and www.TATNEFT.ru Charity programs of TATNEFT . Phone number for inquiries are: 8 987 -210-03-80, 8 8553 38-71-36, mail address: grants@bf-TATNEFT.ru.

The Company s grant competition is aimed at improving the efficiency of the Company s social investments and active involvement of the population in solving current social problems in the region. The Company has supported about 400 projects for a total of RUB 370 million over the five years of the competition s existence.

The grants allocated by TATNEFT will be used for the implementation of new social projects that improve the well-being and quality of life of society in accordance with the sustainable development goals that the Company adheres to.
11 january
JSC TANECO and NGDU Aznakaevskneft were the first enterprises of Tatarstan to receive a new environmental document at the end of 2020: a Comprehensive Environmental Permit (CER).
11 january
Crude Oil Production Enterprises of the TATNEFT Group of Companies produced 2,188.6 thousand tonnes of crude oil in December with the production volume from the beginning of the year amounting to 26,013.5 thousand tonnes, which was 3,784.5 thousand tonnes less than during the same period in 2019.