13 октября
TATNEFT Company, which is one of the I s Board of Trustees members and its industrial partner, presented a project for the creation of the Higher Oil School in Almetyevsk on the basis of the AGNI and the TatNIPIneft Institute.

The presented Development Strategy of the Almetyevsk Petroleum Institute will ensure its competitiveness among the world s leading educational and research centers of the petroleum profile. The transformation strategy of AGNI into the Higher Oil School involves the creation of a modern research center, where researchers and students will be able to engage in fundamental and applied science. Thanks to the infrastructure development the higher educational institution will be able to attract highly qualified personnel from Russia and the world.

TATNEFT plans to create its own research and development units on the basis of the Higher Oil School, capable of solving the production challenges facing the Company.

The construction project with a total area of ​​15.5 hectares will unite a new research campus and the AGNI training center. The campus project will include two dormitories with an area of ​​14.5 thousand square meters for accommodation of 712 persons, a laboratory and research building of 13,195 square meters intended for the concurrent work of 428 persons and an educational and laboratory building with an area of ​​28 thousand square meters, capable of accommodating 1,700 students. The project budget guidelines presume the amount of RUB 4.5 billion. The first block of the new dormitory will be ready in October-November 2020, while the construction of the laboratory complex is planned for completion in 2021.

The second stage of construction will include residential areas, three kindergartens for 176 children, a sports complex of 2.8 thousand m2, a community center and an underground parking lot for 1,010 cars. The total residential development area will be 65.5 thousand square meters.

Nail Maganov, Director General of TATNEFT:
The successful future of our country depends on the qualifications of the industry professionals. Therefore, the university graduates of today must be trained in accordance with all modern trends and meet the requirements of the employer. TATNEFT is directly interested in the development of AGNI: our Company has been created by the graduates of the Institute, and many of the Institute s graduates come to us today.

We are ready to provide new support to the Institute for attracting students and research associates. TATNEFT plans provide for application of the future Higher Oil School developments in practice and use the entire scientific center for real application in the industry. It is also important for us to develop the region, increase its cultural level and attractiveness for younger generations.

The new Higher Oil School will not only improve the quality of the education at the Institute, but also make Almetyevsk a point of attraction in the region, and raise the cultural level of our city .

Reference Information.

The Almetyevsk State Petroleum Institute was founded in 1956. There are more than 2,700 students, who study at the Institute today in the areas of oil and gas business, heat power engineering, mechanical engineering, management, etc.
5 октября
The project for the construction of an n-butane processing unit and associated off-site facilities (UPMA) at the Minnibayevo gas processing plant of TATNEFT has gone through the state examination procedure and obtained a construction permit.
12 октября
Alexander Dyakonov, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, was appointed as a new rector of the Almetyevsk State Petroleum Institute.