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Independent experts from WWF Russia, NRA and Creon Group dynamically assessed the impact of oil and gas companies on the environment, compared the impact level per the output unit; the degree of openness and availability of the environmentally significant information; the environmental policy quality and management, compliance with the best standards and practices; efficient use of minerals, as well as violations of the environmental legislation in the area of ​​implementing production projects.

Being aware of the Company s responsibility to society for the preservation of a favorable environment and rational use of natural resources, TATNEFT is implementing large-scale programs.

There are more than 2,000 points of observation over water bodies functioning at the territory of the Company s activity. There more than 9,000 water samples taken annually, about 100,000 analyzes of the water condition are carried out, ponds and reservoirs are upgraded, and treatment facilities are reconstructed on a regular basis.

Pipes with anti-corrosion coating and electrochemical protection are used to protect soil and air. There are about 1,000 km of pipelines inspected annually, and highly effective inhibitors are used to protect the lines against internal corrosion. The expansion of the gas collection system, construction of facilities for the use of associated petroleum gas and the implementation of works on their technical re-equipment, reconstruction and modernization make it possible to annually utilize more than 96 of APG.

The strategic goal of TATNEFT in the area of combating climate change is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 5 Scope 1 since 2016. There is considerable attention paid by the Company to compensation measures. More than 12 million seedlings, trees and shrubs have been planted since 2000.

The Company implements projects to determine the potential and develop technical solutions for the use of renewable energy sources together with research and educational centers. The Company is actively introducing resource- and energy-efficient, as well as green technologies.

Reference Information

The World Wildlife Fund WWF and Creon Group s environmental transparency rating of the oil and gas companies has been compiled on the annual basis since 2014 with the purpose of helping to reduce environmental pressure, improve the efficiency of hydrocarbon resources, and conduct socially responsible business in Russia. The assessment is based on the public space data: annual and socio-environmental reports, reports on environmental protection, which are freely available. The rating also evaluates the placement of environmental documents on the Internet official websites of the Company, including subsidiaries and contractors, interviews with official representatives of companies for federal and regional media, etc.

The 2020 ranking included 18 Russian companies, 14 enterprises from Kazakhstan and two companies from Azerbaijan.
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TATNEFT has been recognized as the best according to the results of the International Contest of the Non-Governmental Environmental Fund named after V.I. Vernadsky Ecological culture. Peace and harmony in the nomination Conservation of natural complexes and biodiversity .
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TATNEFT Company and the State Concern of Turkmenistan "Turkmennebit" signed a supplementary agreement to continue work at the Goturdepe field.