5 октября
The basic design of the installation passed the public hearings in November 2019. Based on the results of the hearings, the project was sent to the State Ecological Expertise taking into account the improvements and received a positive conclusion in May 2020.

The installation design documentation was tested by the FAU Glavgosexpertiza in August 2020, which ended with a positive conclusion.

PJSC TATNEFT received a permit for the construction of the UPMA facility from the Executive Committee of the Almetyevsk Municipal District on September 28, 2020.

The construction of a normal butane processing unit at MAN with a capacity of 50 thousand tonnes per year is one of the stages of the Company s Minnibayevo Gas Processing Plant modernization providing for the creation of up to 116 new jobs. The site for the construction of the installation with an area of ​​7 hectares was an empty territory within the boundaries of the operating enterprise.

The commissioning of the unit is scheduled for 2023 and it will help the enterprise to begin the processing of n-butane gas into a solid MAN used in the production of polymers, in the food, textile, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Azat Bikmurzin, Director of the Oil/Gas and Petrochemical complex of PJSC TATNEFT:
Taking into account the current situation at the petroleum market, gas processing and petrochemicals are becoming the most important work area ​​ for our entire Company.

We use the most modern European equipment in the implementation of the project for the n-butane processing installation, while the construction of the facility will also be carried out with the supervision of designers from Italy. TATNEFT always pays great attention to production safety issues at all levels, including environmental issues.

We guarantee that the new production facility will only have a positive effect on life in the Almetyevsk District thanks to the Minnibayevo Gas Processing Plant modernization program, the creation of new jobs and increasing the sustainability of the entire TATNEFT Company.
2 октября
The youth of TATNEFT will go to the ecological subbotnik (clean-up) Descent of Purity - Cleancoastline of the Stepnoy Zai river floodplain on October 3,
5 октября
TATNEFT Company continues the modernization project of the Minnibayevo gas processing plant.