21 декабря
The construction of the Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Plants Complex in Nizhnekamsk has become a new stage in the development of the oil refining industry in Tatarstan.

The construction and installation work at the first stage of the TANECO Complex was completed in 2010, and the first products were received in the integrated comprehensive testing mode. A primary crude oil refinery was put into commercial operation in 2011, putting a hydrocracking unit into operation took place in 2014, while the production of base oils was started in 2015 and 2016 witnessed the commissioning of a delayed coking unit UZK . In 2018, the production of premium motor gasoline was launched. The ELOU-AVT-6 primary oil refining unit was commissioned in 2019. In 2020, a heavy coking gas oil hydrotreater was commissioned, and the production of modern environmentally friendly marine fuel that complies with Marpol requirements was launched.

There have been more than 80 million tonnes of crude oil processed since the beginning of the Complex operation. The achieved refining depth has amounted to 99 , while the yield of light oil products is consistently above 80 .

At present, the product range of the oil refining complex includes about 20 types of high-quality and popular products, including such premium oil products as AI-92, AI-95, AI-98, TANECO-100 motor gasoline brands, TANECO EURO-6 diesel fuel, which meet the requirements of Euro-6 engines; aviation kerosene of the RT and TS-1 brands; base oils of groups II and III and high-tech lubricants on the basis thereof semi-synthetic and synthetic motor oils, hydraulic oils, transmission oils, TANECO transformer oil , marine fuel that complies with Marpol requirements. TANECO products have been repeatedly recognized as the winner of prestigious Republican and All-Russian competitions.

More than 25 new groups of reactor pumping, compressor equipment, as well as domestic electronics and automatics have been developed and introduced over the period of the project implementation. The project has provided large-scale socio-economic effects: new jobs have been created in the region, hundreds of thousands square meters of housing, sports and leisure facilities, educational and cultural institutions have been built. Up to 10 thousand builders from more than 20 regions of Russia had been involved in the TANECO Project implementation during peak periods.

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the enterprise adopted a whole package of measures aimed at preventing the disease. This has made it possible to ensure reliable and failure-free operation of TANECO. There were 4,203 persons employed at TANECO as of early December 2020.

Ilshat Salakhov, Head of the Oil and Gas Processing Business Unit of PJSC TATNEFT, General Director of JSC TANECO:

The TANECO complex is one of the flagships of the Russian oil refining industry. Following the commissioning of UZK-2 in 2021, we plan to reach the design feed rate in the amount of 15.3 million tonnes of crude oil per year without production of fuel oil. Feasibility calculations show a positive trend in further increasing crude oil refining volumes. At the same time, the products quality will remain at the highest technical and environmental levels .
9 декабря
TATNEFT Company became the winner of the industry award "Exchange Commodity Market Leaders-2020" as the first organizer of an online auction for the export sales of petroleum products.
19 декабря
Instead of a department store, there appeared exhibitions, a cafe, a museum of folk musical instruments, a language school and a scientific and Almetrika educational center.