22 декабря
The meeting reviewed the results of the budget execution for eleven months of 2020, and approved the budgets for January, the first quarter and the total 2021. The draft budget for 2021 provides for financing operating and investment activities, including the development of business areas with the highest value creating potential, implementation social programs, the environment protection and measures to reduce the carbon footprint, including the ones through the application of new energy-efficient and low-carbon technologies throughout the production chain.

The information on the implementation of the geological exploration program for 2020 was presented to the Board of Directors. Accordingly, the activities planned for the TATNEFT Group for the current year, inter alia, included drilling and completion of 11 exploratory wells with 7 wells drilled within the Republic of Tatarstan. There were two deposits discovered in the Samara region. 152 appraisal wells were drilled at high-viscosity fields providing for preparation of exploration targets. Planned exploration work was also carried out in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, as well as the Samara and Orenburg regions. A joint venture of TATNEFT, Gazpromneft and Lukoil was established in June 2020 to develop hard-to-recover reserves at the Savitsky and Zhuravlevsky license areas of the Orenburg region in the Volga-Urals region. A 3D seismic survey was carried out at the Savitsky area, where drilling of the first prospecting and appraisal well was completed, while an exploratory well was also completed at the Zhuravlevsky area. The development of promising targets has been scheduled for 2021. The plans provide for starting pilot development of the fields in 2024. The Board of Directors approved the geological exploration program for 2021.

The meeting reviewed the implementation status of the of Strategy-2030 and the expected achievement of business plan targets. In connection with a significant change in external conditions, the emergence of new challenges and opportunities, it was decided to update the Company s Strategy in 2021. It will reflect the development prospects of the TATNEFT Group, taking into account strengthening of the global environmental and climate agenda; changes in the price forecasts, as well as actions and goals to restore the value, which decreased during the crisis caused by the pandemic and additional external restrictions on crude oil production.

The Board of Directors got acquainted with the implementation of the Key Performance Indicators system in the TATNEFT Group, approved the plan for its further development and the initiative to integrate with the Sustainable Development Goals.
The meeting participants considered and approved the key directions for the implementation of the TATNEFT Group HR Strategy until 2030. Further transformation of the HR functions will be associated with strengthening the HR brand of the TATNEFT Group; increasing labor productivity through the introduction of the advanced scenario planning of labor resources and transformation of compensation strategies; development of competencies mobility, career routes and recruiting; targeted programs for the formation of the ownership system, etc. A separate portfolio of projects includes initiatives to improve the efficiency of the HR functions.

There were also several other issues discussed at the meeting.

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22 декабря
Startup of the middle distillate hydrotreater will increase the production of Euro-6 diesel fuel by 3.6 million tonnes per year.
23 декабря
The award of the All-Russian "MediaTEK-2020" contest has been presented to "Neftyanye Vesti" newspaper.