29 октября
The tyres are intended for regional and interregional transportation and have a road tread pattern, which includes five annular blocks to improve straight-line rolling, as well as wide grooves that are responsible for water drainage while contacting with the road.

The KAMA PRO NF 203 range is designed for the steering axle of trucks and buses. The tyres withstand higher loads, and they also have an increased service life resulting from the design changes and the use of new materials.

The KAMA PRO NF 203 tyres are marked M S and 3PMSF and have enough traction properties for driving on snow, i.e. they can be used at low temperatures. Operational advantages of the tyres also include the possibility of restoring the tyre carcass and increasing the service life up to 700,000 km, which reduces the mileage cost.

In addition, the tyre weight is reduced by 1.5 percent thanks to the use of new formulations of rubber compounds, compared with earlier models, which results in reducing the fuel consumption.

The customers are invited to buy the KAMA TYRES products at the official online store: https://kamatyres.shop/
26 октября
The TATNEFT Company TANECO Refinery has completed a scheduled overhaul of hydrocracking, hydrogen production, base oil production and elemental sulfur production facilities.
28 октября
Kazan hosted a meeting of the Board of Directors of PJSC TATNEFT n.a. V.D. Shashin chaired by R.N. Minnikhanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan, on October 28, 2020.