18 сентября
OOO Siemens and OOO Truck Tyre Factory of Nizhnekamsk part of the TATNEFT s KAMA TYRES Tyre Manufacturing Business Group have signed an agreement to expand the logistics system implemented earlier at the tyre manufacturing enterprises.

Continuation of cooperation between the Siemens Company and Tatarstan tyre manufacturers is the part of the overall strategy for the modernization and development of the TATNEFT s tyre production. Within the framework of the new agreement, a methodology for automating the production logistics will be developed, the production management system of the MES level Manufacturing Execution System , which plays the role of an information bridge between the production APCS and the management ERP levels, will be expanded.

A major investment project is being implemented to expand the production of solid steel cord tyres at the Nizhnekamsk Truck Tyre Factory. The first stage of the project was completed in 2019, which made it possible to increase the production of tyres by 300 thousand pieces at the earlier available capacities. Currently, the second stage of the project is being implemented, which completion will allow increasing the production of the highly profitable solid-steel cord tyres up to 2.8 million units per year. In that context, it was decided to expand the logistics system.

The work under the agreement will be carried out by the Russian division of the Siemens Company together with the parent company, which will take over the equipment supply, engineering and general management of the processes. Siemens-Russia will provide for the performance of installation supervision, commissioning and consulting services.

The logistic system of the KAMA TYRES Truck Tyre Factory includes a WMS warehouse management system, a transport system, S7-1500 controllers, visualization systems, motors, frequency converters, distributed peripherals, networking equipment, a painting robot machine, autonomous robotic transport for moving semi-finished products, automated warehouse complex facilities of raw tyres and finished products, as well as an electric suspension road. The main task of the project is to ensure the timely delivery and storage of raw and finished tyres, taking into account the increase in the production capacity at the factory. The transfer of green and vulcanized tyres to each subsequent stage of production will be carried out using mobile robots, as well as a linear movement gantry-type robot with a conveyor system for transporting pallets with finished products. In combination with the application of multi-stage storage technology with stacker cranes and robots for loading uncured tyres, this will eliminate the operator participation in the process and improve the quality of products, since gantry manipulators provide for a high level of accuracy in performing the operations.

Tsalik Portnoy, Executive Director of OOO Nizhnekamsk Truck Tyre Factory:
Our cooperation with Siemens on the implementation of the logistics systems began back in 2007 with the design and implementation of the solid steel cord tyres production with a capacity of 1.2 million pieces per year. A new production facility for the tyre manufacturing business was successfully commissioned in 2009. Our factory has produced more than 8.5 million solid-steel cord tyres since that time, and the available product range has grown from 15 to 105 models. There is no doubt that one of the main fundamentals of the production rhythmic operation is the logistics system. Based on the positive long-term experience of operating the logistics system implemented by Siemens, it was decided to continue the cooperation in expanding the production of the solid-steel cord tyres .

Zhanna Shalygina, Director of the Siemens Digital Manufacturing Department in Russia:
We are very pleased to continue our cooperation with the KAMA TYRES, TATNEFT Group s Tyre Business, which is one of the leaders in the tyre manufacturing industry in Russia. It is significant for us that the company has chosen Siemens for the implementation of the project new stage resulting from the high assessment of our efforts during the first stage .

Reference Information:

The KAMA TYRES tyre manufacturing business of the TATNEFT Group provides for a complete production chain: from the purchase of raw materials for the production of tyre products to the sale of finished products and the provision of the after-sales service.

Today, the tyre enterprises of TATNEFT manufacture over 400 commodity items of tyres of the brands KAMA, KAMA PRO and Viatti. The geography of tyre product supplies includes 48 countries worldwide.

The Truck Tyre Factory, which is part of the KAMA TYRES TATNEFT Group s Tyre Manufacturing Business, and unites the production of truck combined and solid-steel cord tyres, produces 123 commodity items: 81 - solid-steel KAMA, KAMA PRO and 42 - combined KAMA TYRES.

The truck tyres of Nizhnekamsk production are supplied to such large domestic car manufacturing factories as PJSC KamAZ, JSC AZ URAL, OOO IVECO-AMT, PJSC NEFAZ, OOO AZ GAZ, JSC Remdizel, etc. The tyres are also exported to the CIS and far abroad countries.

Siemens AG Berlin and Munich is a leading global technology group that has maintained a high level of engineering, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality for over 170 years. The company is represented around the world and specializes in such areas as smart infrastructure provision for buildings, as well as systems for distributed energy, automation and digitalization in the process industry and manufacturing. The Company is a leading provider of transport infrastructure solutions through the separately managed companies, such as Siemens Energy, Siemens Global Energy Business, and Siemens Mobility. Siemens is shaping energy systems in the same way as the global market for passenger and freight transport.
17 ноября
Results of the traditional annual review contest For maintaining the aesthetic condition of equipped springs and improving water quality were summed up at TATNEFT Company.
17 сентября
The scheduled overhaul of hydrocracking, hydrogen production, base oil production and elemental sulfur production facilities has been started at the TANECO Complex. The scheduled overhaul operations shall be completed on October 15, 2020.