26 декабря
The contest 100 best goods of Russia has been held since 1997 and assesses the quality of domestic manufacturers products. The products of the TATNEFT Group enterprises are traditionally among the laureates and the winners of the contest.

The summer tyre Viatti Bosco H/T 225/65R17 produced by PJSC Nizhnekamskshina, the KAMA-URAL tyre model of size 390/95R20, manufactured by OOO Nizhnekamsk Truck Tyre Factory, the TANECO-98 premium fuel and TANECO-100, a box for the transportation of coronavirus patients produced by the STC Automation, Measurements, Engineering , as well as the highest grade isobutane fraction manufactured by the Tatneftegazpererabotka Administration were recognized as laureates of the 2020 contest. Another STC A2I development is the A2I-PPK calibration device, which has been granted the status of the contest diploma winner.

The Viatti Bosco lightweight tyre has been designed for crossovers and SUVs. The tyres have increased acoustic comfort, excellent directional stability when driving along the straight section of the road and controllability during maneuvers. Quick drainage of water from the road contact area ensures comfortable and safe driving in heavy rain or in off-season slush.

The combined KAMA-URAL truck tyres are used in freight transport, which is operated in the most difficult conditions. The tyres are characterized by increased mileage and reliability and provide optimal traction and grip performance when driving on any road surface.

The motor gasoline recipes are monitored in the online mode at TANECO. The fuel components obtained using modern domestic and foreign technologies are blended at an automatic station for mixing motor gasoline. The TANECO EURO-6 motor fuel increases the performance of the car engine and the lifetime of the motor s exhaust gas neutralization system due to the low content of olefins, benzene and sulfur. This significantly reduces the adverse impact of transport on the environment.

Special equipment for the transportation of patients with suspected dangerous infections was developed by the Scientific and Technical Center Automation, Measurements, Engineering following the instruction of Nail Maganov, General Director of TATNEFT, in the spring of 2020: to date, 200 such systems have already been manufactured. The Company has handed over 100 boxes to the hospitals of the Republic within the framework of the TATNEFT to the doctors program-. Another 100 kits have been sold to other regions of Russia.

The A2I-PPK calibration device is a joint development of the A2I Scientific and Technical Center and the professionals of the Bugulma Mechanical Plant and the system is designed for the calibration of spring-loaded pressure relief valves. Previously, valves had to be removed to carry out this procedure sometimes with production process interruptions. The new unit is compact and allows performing on-site calibration without removing the valve.

The Vyshaya top grade isobutane produced by Tatneftegazpererabotka is the cleanest gas on the market with isobutane content up to 99 . It takes the lead in the production of foamed polymers, providing an even optimal structure and economy of raw materials.
23 декабря
The award of the All-Russian "MediaTEK-2020" contest has been presented to "Neftyanye Vesti" newspaper.
25 декабря
4 top managers of the Group were named the winners of the traditional Republican contest.